Hollow Earth

The Guilds Part 1: The Guild of Cartographers

As the admin on the Assembly of Guilds site, I try to keep up to date on Guild happenings and try my best to help each pre-guild become something that might one day become the actual guild. Each guild has its own problems and its own successes. This is sort of a series of posts to get some of my thoughts together on these guilds.

The Cartographers is the guild currently a pre-guild in name only. They’re the only ones who really need nothing from Cyan. They have map-making skills, they have mappable ages, they have a website to put the maps. The oddest thing is that the thing they lack appears to be… drive to do any of that. No one has talked about getting a group together to make ages. No recruiting topics in the forums. They’re the Silent Guild. Retehlyimah. I think they need to get people out there promoting it and asking for volunteers… They could be the first guild to really successfully put out content as they require no Cyan help.


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