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The Guilds Part 1: The Guild of Writers

Before I begin this, it should be noted that I belong to the Guild of Writers. That said, I know little more than beans about the group, and a couple members. So it’s not as if my ages are going to get an instant approval because of this. :P

The Writers, out of the three guilds that aren’t fully formed, are the most together. The most united. Which strikes me as odd, and yet it’s also an amazing role model for the other guilds to live up to. The Writers were the most prestigious guild in D’ni times and they’re now the guild with the most reason to be arrogant and proud and exclusive and disunited
and yet they aren’t. They would have the most power at the end of this (making the ages two other guilds rely upon) and yet they are humble and welcome anyone, openly… and yet they are united for the simple purpose of being a guild and bringing fan ages at last to the rest of the community. Why is this? And, more importantly, why aren’t the Maintainers or Messengers taking cues from the momentum this guild is producing?

I see three things. One, they are united. Two, and I can’t remember who said this before me but… they are trying to make a guild, not simply a pre-guild. Three, they are polite.

First the united part. There are/were several age creation groups. Alcugs, Age Writers I think and about two or three others my brain refuses to keep names for… Yes, they were all fairly similar. To my knowledge they had no vast disagreements between the groups. This shouldn’t diminish the impact this unity has. After all, aside from what appears to be a few personal squabbles in Messengers, the various groups there pretty much agree on what their org is for: getting out messages. But that’s for later. The point is, while members of the writers orgs may have their differences, they still band together and refrain from making any structure (aside from who’s the current webmaster and who sets the polls out on the forums). They know, as we all should, that Cyan will do as it wants to as part of its vision for the guilds. It’s possible our structures might be adopted; either because they are good or because that’s what Cyan was going to do anyhow, or both. So they ignore how Ages will be voted on by the Guild to go to the maintainers. They ignore what powers the Guildmaster(s) will have. They ignore how tools will be maintained or organized, etc. because they know that path is uncertain. What they worry about is NOW. Where can people interested chat outside the cavern? What sort of server requirements could we use to host the Ages NOW and perhaps prepare for them THEN? How can we get more people?

Second, they are trying to make a Guild not a Pre-Guild. Now, at first, this sounds extremely problematic and something that might make the group pompous and full of pride. But the terms are a little vague. More properly, they are making a Guild Shell; the core things the guild needs (members, ages, webspace, people to contact for information), NOT a Pre-guild; a committee to make rules and structures. If you remember, these were the two sides (more abstracted) back in 2000. On one hand, we restore the people of D’ni, the culture; on the other we restore the buildings, the structure. On one hand, Catherine writes her dreams; on the other, Atrus writes from structures.

Thirdly, they are polite. At the Writers meetings all were civil. If someone was running around saying the group was a pack of power-hungry dogs, they appear to have been ignored or debated depending on the coherence of their argument. This is a drastic difference from what I experienced at the first Messengers meeting. Though, I have rarely seen such an acidic troll as the one there. One who calls out on the ResEngs who try to calm him down.

The Writers seem to embody, to me, what Dr. Watson talked about in his speech (which I see as quite blatantly both IC and an OOC wake-up call for us to cease our selfishness). They are not bickering among themselves. They are not complaining that things re not going as fast as they wish. They are not choosing to divide themselves. Each Guild has its own unique challenge. This one’s is to keep itself as it is. Peaceful and kind.


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3 Responses

  1. Erik says:

    I think it’s really awesome that the different organisations of Writers immediately threw all their differences aside to make a start with the formation of the Guild.

    I think one of the main reasons for that is that they really want to form their Guild.
    They’ve been building Ages for quite some time now and it has been their dream to create Ages for MOUL. Now they have been given this opportunity, and they really don’t want to spoil that.

    Compare this to the Messengers for example. I think a lot of Messengers don’t really see the need for a Guild, because they’re all happy with their current organisations already. So they reluctantly start forming the Guild, trying to preserve as much as possible from their own organisations.

    I agree that the Writers are currently doing a great job; they are an example to all.

  2. Nalates says:

    I’m curious if you hold the same views now…

  3. whilyam says:

    I’ll be writing updated version of these once I get a chance, but for the Writers, pretty much. The group there remain helpful, the information there is easier to find than most any other world-building tool (with the possible exception of Spore).

    Likewise, the other Guilds have challenges, benefits, etc. still remaining.

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