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The Guilds Part 1: The Guild of Maintainers

The Maintainers would come after Writers in terms of those guilds to be built that are closest to that goal, and are most promising. But, like the other Guilds, Maintainers has its own odd challenge.

Maintainers would like to get together, it seems, but doesn’t. The group seems fractured. A website here, talk on the AoG forums (which I have to say are absolutely awesome… no, no bias here… what do you mean? :P) but nothing that is united. There is no Guild of Maintainers site that all Maintainers use to discuss outside the game. There’s a site, but not many see it and there’s no forum outside the topic in the MOUL forum.

They have the right idea, though. They are quite open about their inclusiveness and, at least from what I’ve seen on the AoG forums (and their awesomeness), they are honest and dedicated to seeing the project come back. Their fragmentation here hurts them as it seems hard to figure out what the “real” Maintainers are and so it seems confusing (at least to me trying to come at it from a newbie’s point of view).


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  1. Tweek says:

    Openness is a good course of action, I mean I can see there being somethings that will be behind closed doors (say if someone has a new Age they want to surprise the community with). I spoke to Marie Sutherland a few months back on getting history released, didn’t get to see her last episode so I couldn’t chase it up, but having more information about what the Guilds did would be helpful to everyone.

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