Hollow Earth

The Guilds Part 1: The Guild of Messengers

The existing organizations were working in areas the guilds would be working in was a fairly large concern regarding their return. It was even said by Greydragon that it might be possible for existing groups to come under the “umbrella” of the Guild. Now, I doubt that would/will work.

The massive understructure suggested to fairly disperse news to the orgs is the main issue. The ideas now seem to center around “how can we get the news to the orgs so they stay around”. In my opinion, this is the wrong way to go. The Guild’s job is to spread news around the cavern, not to the existing orgs. I have great respect and admiration of the organizations that have worked so hard over the years to spread news and entertainment through the game. However it is time, in my opinion, for them to think of the entire community and not simply their shows. I am NOT saying they are mean or evil for thinking like this, simply that the job required of the Messengers should not be hindered because these organizations need to get the information first (to stay alive above the all-consuming guild).

My dream would be one of two things:

A guild spreading news through the game by itself. Organizations would get their news either from their own sources or from the Guild and would survive on the quality of their reporting.


A guild spreading news through the game by itself. Organizations would not exist with the possible exception of future freelancers who would go by the idea above this one.

Either direction, the members of these orgs should be a part of the Guild. That’s a no-brainer. That doesn’t mean there must be structures to spread news to the orgs, though. Considering org members would be part of the guild, how long do you really think news will take to reach them?

As for leadership, my dream would be to see people elected by the entire Guild into roles of Guildmasters and Grand Masters, with five layers of Guildsmen promoted by the quality and speed of their work by the Grand Master and Guildmasters. But these structures will come later, and likely from Cyan.

As for the orgs “reforming” inside the Guilds and railroading votes a certain way. In my opinion there are two possibilities here. If a majority of people, regardless of org-affiliation, decide to vote one way or another, this is majority rule and there should be no problem with that. If coercion is used to induce that majority, then there is a simple solution. Coercion equals harassment and should be dealt with as such. If it occurs, Guild members should deal with the person through the existing ResEng system. Votes should also be secret ballot so coercion would have a lessened impact (if any).

The important thing, in my opinion, is to make the people that are interested united. To have the people, the “guild shell” ready now for whatever rules Cyan implements later. It is important now to have, not a system but a community. This goes for any of the guilds, as always.


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