Hollow Earth

Warming the Engine

In the brief span of time since Guilds really got some interest (I only saw real movement a little before Deception began) there have been many changing opinions on the subject and various phases we’ve gone through.

To begin, we were unsure what the Guilds were and, to me, it seemed most people were content to simply wait for Cyan to “turn on the car” so to speak. To start us up and let us get to where we want to.

I then saw people take the idea to the other extreme, though it’s possible that is/was a good idea. People (I saw this mainly in the would-be messengers but it was likely happening elsewhere) began to construct massive structures. Channels of information and corridors of power.

But those seem to have faded now with a general rise of rationality and intellect, in my opinion. They’ve faded, I think, because they lacked a crucial piece. Community. It’s nice that we begin with a structure, but these are designed by a very small group of people (not that this discredits their work, only limits its initial and mostly excited audience). But though the plans had bindings for dreamed-of power, ropes and chains to restrain anyone too greedy, too proud– they lacked the true power someone or some group can have here. Community.

So now I see these groups forming what are Guilds in all but name and some backing by Cyan. Cartographers and Greeters are running. Writers are nearing that point, and from there would only need help from Cyan (code to export ages to MOUL). Maintainers are forming and making general rules. Messengers seem to still be finding who they are, what they stand for. But those are debates for another night. What I see are groups forming themselves with minimal structure. Who form with the backing of the Community to step up. Not because they must, or they should, but that they can. That they are warming the engine before Cyan starts it for us.

This whole issue reminds me of the two sides of the restoration as Phil saw it.

a kingdom is made of both life and belief
it is only real with both
lives without belief is a kindom of cards
only waiting to fall
belief without lives is a kingdom of dead
only waiting to live

I once saw lots of belief, the structures made for the guilds. Now I see life. I think we’ll only get the right balance when Cyan is ready to add and temper the belief.


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