Hollow Earth

Pellets and Incentive

The pellet issue keeps flaring people’s tempers (mine included), and I think a big issue is that people want feedback, but the point of the project (in my opinion) is that we don’t. That we don’t know and the DRC doesn’t really know and must have faith in the DRC. Similar to how we needed to have faith in Yeesha when we jumped from Bahro caves. *Note: Must is dependant on your viewpoint. Obviously everyone doesn’t have to. I shouldn’t have to say that, but people get paranoid.

The problem I have with much of the complaining is that it’s taking an IC point and making it an OOC evil. What could be an interesting point for speculation (what effect do the pellets have on the lake, etc.) is revealed to really be an IC cover for an OOC criticism of the lack of Cyan feedback. That’s deceptive in my opinion. If there’s an OOC problem, it should be talked about OOC. Or if it’s an IC or RP issue, it should be talked about there. But it should be talked about, debated. Not, as JWPlatt said:

We can explain away the failings of the game…Or we can deal with the lack of incentive and inspiration because of the lack of feedback in this game we play.

Whether IC or OOC, this is a debate and saying one side is “explaining away the failings” only hurts that debate. Considering the intelligent and reasoned arguments you’ve made, this sort of patronizing and watering down of the argument isn’t what’s needed. As I generalized in that topic (very much in the heat of the moment) “We can either debate this, or we can take your side!”. Neither side should make statements making the other side seem pathetic or worthless, it’s just not good debating.

Many people just don’t care about pellets. Not because they want feedback, but because they dislike “grinding” or that they like the lake as it is because of the atmosphere it gives the areas. And there are others who would drop them just as much regardless of feedback.

Certainly, feedback would help us see how close we are to our goal, and if Cyan’s plans for the pellet storyline are to release some feedback, there’s obviously no real reason they would hold it back. But I think that, in IC reality, the DRC don’t know exactly what number of points will being the process. They can only predict based on the experiments Laxman did when the algae might begin to produce light at a certain level, then the next level, etc. But they can’t say “At 2 trillion points we’ll see a bump in light level, then 5 trillion, then…” because they have no real way of figuring out. The D’ni, IC, wouldn’t have made up a note “in case of biological attack, add 10 trillion points worth of pellets over 2 years, stir occasionally”.

There’s also the idea that the pellets are, OOC, a moral lesson of togetherness from Cyan. All through the games you see moral lessons. Myst itself had simplistic ones (the Brother’s paying for their sins by being trapped), Riven’s were more deep and some hidden. But that’s another post. Delin and Tsogahl were examples of a lesson of community, in working together, and Watson’s speech certainly seemed to have an OOC “shape up” message attached. It’s possible, even likely, that the pellets are an example, a test, a lesson in doing something for the community regardless of a lack of feedback.

I might work on some sort of incentive soon, but it seems those calling for incentive want it only from Cyan.


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