Hollow Earth

The Community: Part one

The community can do amazing things when the juggernaut that it is rotates itself to bring its power onto whatever has caught its eye. Look at Sydney Austin. Look at Ragdrazi. Look at the Liaisons.

I use these examples as they are the most powerful. They are most powerful because they show our destructive power. Regardless of whether you believe any of those subjects were pursued rightly or wrongly, they are examples of what can happen when the community acts as one. Unfortunately there are fewer examples on the other side, though that doesn’t necessarily lead to the conclusion that the community is only destructive. The D’mala Memory Book (and the Uru Live Year Book), while not truly a show of us working together, does show a collective interest.

The reason I think the destructive examples are the easiest to find because they are the easiest to create. It’s easy for someone to get angry over an issue (whether they are correct or not). But it is hard for people to get peopled excited over doing something together. Most people now don’t stay after the episode ends. Why? Because no one’s online. Why is no one online? Because no one is online. Add to that the group of explorers who don’t really like exploring with others.

I wish we would do more things spontaneously. Without feedback or an answer to “why do this?”. I wish I could see lots of explorers banding together to make something just because they can. A piece of art to submit to Cyan, a bunch of marker missions to help new people get acquainted with the old Age’s histories, a club of Jalak game hosts, a sophisticated debate group.

I also wish we would band together more selflessly. People often complain that there are too many forums. And that’s true. I wish we could consolidate more fan sites together if they do the same or relatively the same thing. Not only does this make a new player’s experience easier by consolidating but not restricting, but it also helps build a stronger community. And with the fate of Uru resting on the promise of a good community, I think no one who truly cares about this game can afford to keep us weaker.


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