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The Fallacy of a Bad Uru Story and Other Topics

Let us begin by defining a fallacy. A fallacy is a misleading, deceptive, unsound, and/or false argument, notion, or belief. The word here refers to the false notion that Uru has a poor story or a bad story, or that it is a story with less content than stories in books or movies or other games.

Uru’s story is comparable and shows just as much depth and intrigue as A Christmas Carol, Snow White, and Grendel, to name three random stories. In fact I would say a story about a powerful and deadly creature with deep thoughts and internal conflict over perceived intruders into his land and injustices to his family and himself bears a striking resemblance to the story of the nehkihsahl bahro. While we certainly don’t get to hear the internal thoughts of the Bahro and we don’t have a third-person story-teller narration dropping symbolism, the core story in nonetheless good.

An important distinction should be made between the story now and the story “then.” I’m comparing the story given over the episodes, not the story from after Myst Online launched to the beginning of the episode system. The periods of “Nick’s Lady-chasing”, while a base for fan interaction (which we did), was not a good core story. That story was low, true. However, the Bahro War, while never able to hurt an explorer is not a bad story and is engaging perfectly well. It is when we use the fallacy “I can’t be hurt by the Bahro, therefore I’m not interested” that we feel it is bad. You do not feel you can be hurt by Captain Hook, nor by the Ghost of Christmas Future, nor the Wicked Witch, nor Darth Vader, nor Grendel, nor the humans who kill him. In fact I would argue I did feel the possibility of being hurt by the Bahro when they were swooping down at me over the Great Stairs. Certainly I could pull myself from that idea by saying it is just a game just as any idiot can walk up to you when you feel an emotion at a character in a book or a movie and use all their mental capacity to explain to you that what you are experiencing is only a book/movie.

The trend now is a trend of “Persistent Pessimism”. That because a person feels a segment of the game is bad or could have been done better that the entire game is no longer fun. RAWA said at one point on the DRC Forums that if you didn’t like a spot in the game for whatever reason, Uru was designed so you could ignore that region or not participate in that area and still have other areas to go to. The problem now is that the trend of Persistent Pessimism convinces many that because one thing is bad, the game is bad, flawed, doomed. This is not the case, but it creates an impression.

A recurring theme in Uru is to return. “D’mala”, though returning here refers to more than coming again. To return what has been given. I would modify that to “Give what you want.” Many point out that Cyan is unresponsive or has no infrastructure set up. That they feel they cannot do because they do not have “tools”. Perhaps then they understand Cyan’s position. Currently we have to work with what we have, as Cyan is. We can either work with what we have or do nothing with what we don’t. Others say that we are laboring to make a Guild structure while Cyan deceives us and works on its own with its power to end all the work we have. That is true. All the Guild structures may be for nothing when the Guilds come up, but we knew that from the beginning. We should be proud that we did so selflessly create when we could have done nothing. Even if they are for nothing, we should feel proud of our accomplishments.

Give what you want. That is what I think will make this community great. Provide a service you feel is missing not because you “have to” or because you will be “less of an explorer” if you do not, but because it will improve your outlook of the game and make your time in-game more enjoyable. Because it will improve the game for others and add that much more value to everyone’s game. Make a story, create content on KI images. Think of it not as a requirement but as a reward, not as a duty but as a source of potential. Move from the forums to the game and tell your friends to as well. If you are feeling down, try thinking of the future. Dream of races in Kahlo or what might be in Teledahn. When you see possibilities all around you, it is harder to feel discouraged.


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  1. T S says:

    Thank you! After some of the comments early on New Years eve I was preparing a similar post out of spite.

    This is just nuts, but the problem appears to be the ‘WoW’ mentality of newcomers that if you’ve done it, that’s it. Myst Online is much more than that, period.


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