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The New Guard

There are many names I and the other “older members” –people who have been here since at least UU, if not further back– are called. From the endearing “old guard,” “veterans,” and “die-hards”. To the not-so-much “delusional”. They reference fans who have been here varying lengths of time. From my own coming-up-on four years to some eight for those involved with the old Beta and DIRT. It is, inherently, seen as a small, old, and elite group. Seen by those who enjoy this game as “veterans” as the “supporters” of Uru when no one else was. Seen by those who do not as delusional, old people stuck in the past, unwilling to accept the “fact” that their game is a failure.

However, as I am actually in the game–something this game’s detractors are infrequently doing– I see that there are more groups of people than the monolithic/monotheistic “old guard” term implies. The City is not filled with helmeted fans, brandishing spears and chorusing “Hail, Cyan!”. Neither, truly, is it filled with fans who ignore or do not see the games flaws or shortcomings. What it is filled with –and to be clear, by filled, I do not mean that literally nor by a number that, by itself, competes with other MMOs– is what I call the “new guard”.

Now, the “new guard” are by no means as unified as this term suggests, just as the “old guard” is not. What these people, generally, consist of are of new people, relatively. Joining for the first time when the game began or even more recently such as August, or even last December. The crucial point in this, however, is that they have just as much interest in this game as the “old guard” did.

I say “did” on purpose as much of the “old guard” has fallen apart. A good deal of my old friends have left the game either from frustrations from the mandate of broadband or from dissolution from the story’s path or disappointment based on content or simply lack of time. Give me the space and I can rattle off a list of people and familiars and others who are gone or never speak to me and I would tell you truthfully that the list is longer than the list of people I see coming in and I can drift into melancholy and depression but I will not. Melancholy is for those who have left. Very few of the “old guard” or even the “middle guard” –which I consider myself a member of, those people who came in during late UU and D’mala and had fun, (even though I came in much earlier)– still come into the game regularly. From my position, I am the only one remaining. I have no idea why we have lost ourselves as we have. No idea why the old community, the ones who would come in and have fun with nothing, with less than what we have now, cannot or do not now. Why we have pushed the proverbial infant bluebird out of the nest simply because we see it appears to have developed some form of wings. I’m sure, if pressed, they would default to a lecture on economics.

But there are others now, the “new guard.” They have always been there, they have looked up to those who’ve been here; the ones who kept this game alive and showed this game’s power to Gametap, the power of a world which sustains itself however meekly. They looked up to them and, whether deliberately or not, matched them and exceeded them as this game matched and exceeded the old Uru in terms of content. This “new guard,” which I see every night having fun, even consists of the newly-interested portions of the old. And still some of the previous groups of fans return, some periodically, rarely consistently, but the “new guard” is there consistently, every time, because they’ve been touched by the fire that set the old community ablaze with passion for this game eight years ago and it is still fresh in their minds regardless of whether we have forgotten it.


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2 Responses

  1. GermanShepherd says:

    As part of the “old guard”, so to speak, as someone who’s been around since before Uru was even called DIRT or Mudpie, I think you’re missing a huge point. I think everyone is missing a huge point and they like to attack those of us who don’t play Uru and decry what it’s become.

    We were around when Uru was supposed to be something VASTLY different than what it is now. We dreamed of different things, we were given hints of different things… We expected something else entirely from what we actually got, and Cyan knew this, too. Regardless of who was responsible for the changes, the changes happened and everything we dreamed about didn’t happen. We still got a game, sure, but it wasn’t what we expected, and then it was canceled by the same short-sighted brass that insisted on the changes.

    It was canceled and Until Uru came out, and then Cyan actually went temporarily out of business and many, many of the original visionaries of the game we were promised then left to move on to something else. When Cyan was revived by GameTap, they set out to work on the game they had in the aftermath: still something entirely different than what we were promised to begin with.

    I understand that these things happen, and that some people can accept it, but YOU people need to understand that some people don’t want to accept it because it’s not what they expected and it’s not what they want to play. Every time they play it, they think of what should have been and what could have been, even if they don’t want to. This is something that people who joined yesterday can’t comprehend. They don’t know what could have been, so it doesn’t bother them. They only know what they see right now, and they like it. Fine! More power to them. Honestly! It’s great that the love Uru.

    One of the reasons I stopped playing Uru was because this “new guard” couldn’t understand why the “old guard” didn’t like the game, and they don’t WANT to understand, they just want to attack us for being stuck up and doomsayers and stuck in the past. This “new guard” thinks they’re better because they can accept the game as it is now, but they have absolutely no clue what it’s like to look for to something for so long, only to have it ripped away from you.

    Before I get much more heated about this, I just want to say: I appreciate the fact that the “new guard” enjoys the game. I love Cyan and I would never wish anything bad of them. I want them to succeed as much as anyone of you, but there’s still too many reminders and remnants of the past and there’s still too many of you who are intolerant of us for seeing them.

  2. Whilyam says:

    So what was that which you had expected? You mention it so many times yet I don’t know what you’re talking about. An Age, a feature, a story, a certain style in the 3D model? Perhaps the “new guard” is unwilling to understand because you fail to give substance to your opinions.

    All I can say to this is that, while the game may not go in a way I like sometimes and in a way I do at others, I adapt and still enjoy. I enjoyed Minkata, even though I could dumb it down to “a lot of wasted time in the desert” or some such.

    Yes, I think Cyan’s death and Live’s death contribute to both of the “old guard’s” sides. Some see it as what was meant to be or was inevitable and cite MOUL as a failed idea. Others remember those days a fear that death will come again and some stay away, disillusioned, and others stay and enjoy what is still here.

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