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Responding to German Shepherd’s post and hoping he sees it.

I agree that Uru is not what it could have been with episodes and the new story. It’s not what the old Uru was, but I guess I’m comfortable with that. I hope that you don’t think this post was attacking people who simply didn’t like the way the game was going. While I disagree that that should cause you to leave the idea of the game, that’s your choice. I, at least, don’t think that people are out to “prove” Uru is bad. However, I don’t think it is supportive of this game for them to not log on because, regardless of the numerous speculative excuses, coming into the game shows Gametap you like Uru and with that comes the possibility of not only renewed funding, but more funding for a better game. I also don’t like people who find no joy in the game and instead make others feel bad by posting how stupid this portion is or how dumb that one is, or one I remember clearly, how “easily entertained” you had to be to enjoy a portion of the game. Those were insults, not only to the game but to the people who enjoy it as Blade talks about here.

I’m still not sure exactly what it is people were intolerant to you about. I’m guessing from the post that you mean the episodes, the Bahro war, etc. I agree I’d love to see them return to the old storyline about whispers of the DRC hiding things, being secretive, etc. But I still enjoy the game because of what could be. I see it as a goal, not as history. If we endure and show that we still enjoy the game, despite its shortcomings, perhaps we can achieve that goal. I hope you will return and not let the griefers get you down.

“Don’t let the bozos bring you down.”


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  1. GermanShepherd says:

    It’s not you, specifically, that I’m referring to. I was speaking about the general populous of the community. Generally speaking, most of the people I talk to and try to share ideas with respond with hostility and close-mindedness and tell me that I should get over the past and just accept Uru for the way it is, and that I’m a bad guy for not wanting to participate and for canceling my subscription and not showing my support. There are exceptions, as with all generalizations, but this is too common for me to just simply ignore. Maybe I’m not finding the right people to associate with, but, then again, maybe the right people aren’t making themselves known in the sea of bozos.

    I’ll try to explain what I feel about Uru, and what I expected it to be before a certain company interfered. I was never actually in Choru, but I had lots of friends who were that didn’t understand why I wasn’t invited, so I got some… Shall we say, inside glimpses more often than others, so I was able to put together what it was going to be like.

    The whole Bahro thing was a snap decision in an effort to comply with the demand for a single-player experience. There didn’t used to be pillars that you hunted down to repair the Bahro’s soul or whatever it was. I’m not sure how much of Yeesha there was, but there was much less “magic” to the game back then. Back then, the Myst universe would not have even considered that standing in a circle in K’Veer would summon a Bahro. It felt more real and Linking Theory was something that you could almost explain “scientifically”, and you would exchange ideas and make a pseudo-thesis sort of write up and show everyone. Everything felt real and somehow made sense and nothing that couldn’t be explained ever happened. Now you have the Bahro running around, changing the state of Ages while you’re in them? While I understand that Linking Theory is just a silly fantasy idea, it at least felt like it could be real.

    Now, when something happens, you just have to accept that it happened and move on. There’s no wondering how something happened, because you can’t explain something like the Bahro screwing around with Linking Books to create personal “instances”. The universe has taken on a far more magical approach to things than Myst and Riven.

    We were expecting something like Riven, and Cyan was working on something that would satisfy that, but then it was changed, and barely anything that I expected, and barely anything my friends witnessed in the early Choru stages, ever came to pass. At one point, one of my friends said Rand logged in to Choru to tell all the testers that what they were playing was not the Uru that Cyan had envisioned. He said it wasn’t Uru at all, and that’s when everything just… Changed. The entire mood of the game completely changed and everyone knew it.

    That’s why I’m saying that the “new guard” just can’t understand what the “old guard” expected, and why they’re more apt to just toss in the towel after hoping so long that things would set themselves straight. The “new guard” wasn’t there for all that happened before, and I don’t blame them for that, but there’s no use denying that they can’t understand what the “old guard” is feeling. All they know and expect from Uru is from the “new Uru”, so it all makes sense for them. But for us, who were exposed to the “old Uru”, we see how things were supposed to be, and we see how things are now, and we see how things will probably never be what they were supposed to be, and that just disappoints us. Some of us have tried to like “new Uru” but I, among others, just CAN’T. Not yet.

    It also doesn’t help, like I said earlier, that some of the more knowledgable and influential people in this game driven by information, enjoy pressing their influence and overriding those of us with perfectly valid ideas. This, also, isn’t true for everyone, but in my experience, it’s the general reaction to me and my “old Uru” ideas.

    I’m tired of wanting to play Uru and wanting to like it and then constantly being reminded about what it was supposed to be, and constantly being hounded that I’m just stuck in the past and that I need to move on. I’ll move on when I’m ready to move on, and having everyone who thinks they’re better fans than I am constantly press me to just accept Uru and like it because that’s how it is doesn’t help matters in the least bit. I’m tired of all that, so I canceled my subscription and I turned my back on it. I may return when I see that enough has changed, but it hasn’t yet. So I’m moving on.

  2. Whilyam says:

    Well I’m glad it’s not me. Honestly, I don’t have a counter to what you say. Cyan is going with the Bahro so I doubt we’ll see them leave anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you have to move on or be unhappy with that. There are a number of people still doing “scientific” work in the game. BrettM is one. He made up a number of documents including potential explanations for the lake algae which were well thought-out and very good.

    There’s also a number of creative pushes you might like. J.D. Barnes’ Lara Documents (OOC: Unlimited potential creativity).

    I suppose it also could be the people you’re around. I don’t know which hood you were in, but (at least now) in Uru Obsession we don’t do that kind of crud. At least not when I’m online. :P

    Perhaps it’s not the game for you, perhaps Uru was eventually going ot have Bahro, regardless of what your friend said. Perhaps, perhaps. In the end, I don’t think any Linking Theories would have an issue with Bahro as they can all conveniently ignore them. They are the deus ex machina of Myst and don’t particularly matter, to me, if I’m working on something “factual”.

    I hope you return soon and can enjoy the game even with the memories of what could be.

  3. Marten says:

    Since I don’t see a way to comment on your own blog, I’ll add my comments here.

    While I understand and sympathize that the expectations of the “Old Guard” you describe weren’t met, the impression I’ve gotten from the collective Old Guard is a refusal to accept reality. My perspective is that (most of) your expectations are not going to be met, that complaining about it isn’t going to bring about the change you want, and the only effect that griping about it does is cut into everyone else’s fun. It isn’t necessary or helpful for the new guard to know or to care what Uru isn’t. The only thing griping does is draw attention to you… and pretty soon, people assume that’s the only reason you have to do it. Your explanation helps me to understand that isn’t your reason… but you’ll never communicate that to the majority of players.

    When you’re upset at something that you can’t change, no matter how religious or not you may be, there’s no better proverb to remember than the Serenity Prayer.

    “God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”

    One final point. Only a few people at Cyan know what the original vision was. Everyone else can only dream of what they think it was meant to be. As you said, “We were expecting something like Riven, and Cyan was working on something that would satisfy that.” The second part of that is still an assumption, a wish; you wanted something like Riven, but you can’t be certain, even if things hadn’t changed, that you would have been satisfied. The Old Guard has idolized the path not taken to a point that it seems they can never be happy with how things turned out.

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