Hollow Earth

Dreams and the Forums

From a forums post:

When we doubt our dreams they will surely die. Nothing is too ambitious. No design team who is as passionate about their dream as Cyan is sits around wondering if it’s too ambitious, if it’s not appealing enough, if it’s no dumbed down enough to be enjoyed. The point of having a dream is of being ambitious, more ambitious than others “too ambitious” they would say. Was Henry Ford too ambitious when he offered his workers above minimum wage? Was Nicholas Negropante too ambitious when he dreamed of a laptop for every child? The world is full of people who have dreams, and those who call them too ambitious.

Uru is going nowhere. It will be here as long as we are interested in it. It will not die, kill the economics lectures and look at what is really here. Gametap management has many Uru players who love the game, Blake has popped in many times just to play. They have seen the dream of Uru and enjoy it and they are not about to abandon it. They, perhaps, know now that the dream is crippled by a small staff which does its best to keep that dream going, still managing to make an impressive year. The new guard still has fun, still finds new things in the old and enjoys it day after day. Sees the potential and is thrilled and ignores the dull mumblings of the forumers. People are enjoying themselves all the time, laughing (at what they call) the worthless forum arguments like circus sideshows, things to be viewed and to move away from. The arguments which are not. Which are simply places to air frustrations and be depressed together while the rest of the game has fun.Fun in the “chatroom”, the chatroom which is not, which is more, which has more potential than it is given credit for. The games they play with no one from the forums, the fun they have. In a sense, people have finally woken up to Uru’s oldest problem, that things are reported on the forums, and have corrected it themselves by ignoring the forums and what they see as the dull, depressing, hopelessly un-realistic topics which go by in it. They’re enjoying the game now, not simply the game + forums. And the people who do grow every day. I see more people now in the city than I did a week ago, at which time I saw more than the week before that. And they do so without using it only as a chatroom or an RP party, bu as a world to be explored and enjoyed and they love it for they are having fun without you. Uru is going nowhere.


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2 Responses

  1. Paradox says:

    “Uru is going nowhere.”

    Although not in the sense that you intended, that is exactly the problem, and I agree completely. To use the bus analogy, we’re going nowhere. Forget the final destination, forget the next stop… we’re not moving.

  2. Whilyam says:

    Yet. :)

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