Hollow Earth

The Community: Part Two

I initially conceived this post shortly after “The Community: Part One” however, with the closing of MOUL, it was somewhat out-dated.

The community as it is now is badly fractured. From what I’ve seen this stems from old battles stemming in UU and before. Opposite personalities and the same issues of elitism we’re dealing with now. Neither side was brave enough to come together and discuss it with respect. And so we’re left now with a poorer community.

“Fractured” isn’t really the correct term, though. “Isolated” or “branching” or “frayed” would work better. We aren’t a large slab of rock with lines running through it. We’re more of a large group of groups, isolated largely from the other groups, connections frayed between some, branching from the one thing that holds us all together. Uru. We come for different reasons; some for the beautiful landscapes, others for friends, others for story, others for games, others for trophies, but we’re all here for something in this game.

What this community fails at is doing something for the common good on a massive scale. Banding together to do something really big. Like a large-scale documentary/recap of previous events. Marten’s doing this with a small team, but so is the Bridgette Reed group, and there are any number of smaller film-makers and people who could be film makers. Why aren’t these people grouping? Why aren’t they pooling their resources and getting these projects out faster?

Another issue is that this community is bad at recognizing potential. Potential for large-scale Jalak tournaments, potential of parties and fan storylines. It’s not just a lack of people to lead these projects but also a lack of interested people. In a way that feeds the apathy. No one’s interested so no one starts something so no one gets interested so no one– etc. It will take someone starting something to break that cycle. Someone who can dedicate time and energy to keep a project open and waiting for people. Slowly people would filter in and it would be that person’s job to instill in them the same loyalty and dedication. And from there it would grow from a few people’s favorite thing to do on a night to something that would be copied and imitated and enjoyed by the branching groups.


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