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The End of Uru Live

As has been said many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many times… Uru Live is dead.

Obviously, as most fans are, I’m sad. However, I am still hopeful. I won’t go into sappy lines about how “it wasn’t about the game, it was about us” not only because it’s a cliche, but because everyone knows that. However, I’m still hopeful (perhaps more than before) that Cyan’s vision can be achieved somewhat). I, like others, do not particularly want to see a UU to rebuild Uru. At the core, I want something to keep in touch in a fun game with my Uru friends. However, there is far more potential than me simply bringing myself and friends to EVE or to LotRo. I will try, in this post, to deal with all the potential scenarios and the ways we can benefit Uru from them.

No UU: Say that Cyan decides the game is dead. They will not allow shards to do anything. Illegal shards get taken down as soon as they come up. Uru is dead and Cyan doesn’t want to return to it for whatever reason (varying examples here. Gametap refuses to let Cyan release the code, etc.). All hope is lost, right? As this is the only MMO most of us play, we’ll never “see” each other again. Thankfully, no. Should this be the case (and while there’s a possibility, I think all parties involved do not want this) there is still a way to enjoy other places. Make them more like Uru. Bring that spirit of creativity to other MMOs, bring the style of play, the type of RP, etc. Mold the games to your liking and, potentially, we could influence the industry not through dollars (which has failed so far) but through ideas.

Return to UU: Now say that pretty much the opposite happens. Cyan allows the shards to continue as they did in hopes of attracting someone to pick the game up again. The new UU has all of last year’s content on it, etc. Not something I’d like (purely because I’d like the third option) but it would give us something of what we enjoy: our friends and the new world we enjoy and still have yet to see all of.

Return to Uru: Now say something even better happened. Cyan not only allows the shards along with the new content, but goes one step further. What if they let us, told us, to build? Imagine the shards, same as ever (some for varying groups where they have fun however they like without imposing on others) but with another shard, owned by the Writers or the Maintainers or perhaps by all the varying guilds. No Cyan content, but it would be a way for the universe to continue after the DRC left with fan storylines like SR or JDBarnes and others, and with fan ages as the content. Constantly growing not as fast as Cyan’s content made it, but still growing. Attracting new people to the idea of a high-quality, refined fan-content game. This is what I think the future of Uru should be. Not another incarnation of UU waiting for a new incarnation of MOUL, but a place that, while familiar, was also new and would lead to something newer and better than what we had.


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2 Responses

  1. Papa G says:

    Hey, it has been written again! Check it out on my blog at urulive.blogspot.com!

  2. Papa G says:

    Also, after reading your post, just say its another UU… ooh! Great idea Papa G! Why not call it…UU2? OK KIDS, YOU JUST SAW IT, I JUST TOOK THE TERM UU2!

    THIS IS OFFICIAL FROM PAPA G!!! Now I should probably post this on the moul forums.

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