Hollow Earth

Only Pictures

So the EVE trial ended with me having generated 2,417,420.10 ISK with 2 million graciously donated by Kal. I got as much as I could moved around so, should I decide not to come back based on Uru’s future and where my friends head off to should there be no future.

So I was sitting in the dock on Todaki VI Moon 12 School of Applied Knowledge space station listening to “Surplus of Rare Artifacts” and felt not quite sad but strange. Similar to how you feel when you’re pulling away from your house to go on a trip. “Did I pack everything?” or “Did I leave the stove on?” and the knowledge that it’ll all be over soon. It’ll likely be the same way many people feel when Gametap pulls off Uru.

It’s a feeling of fear that you will lose something. In EVE it is the materials, money, items, etc. In Uru it is the memories and people and places. You don’t want to lose any of this but we can only do so much. We can only take pictures or movies of the ages we will lose on April 4th or nearby then. We can only copy sounds or music from the Uru directory to try to preserve the environment. We can only save pictures of our friends and keep in contact with them through other places or email. But none of those are quite what we have now, and that hurts. In a very real way it is as if a world we enjoy will die, taking all our friends with it, very soon. We can save pictures, but in the end they are only pictures.


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