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Whilyam: Negotiator for Hire

I’ve spent the last few days talking to people on both “sides” of the pseudo “Slackers vs. Other People” battle and took a break as things were falling apart as I felt I wasn’t helping. So I’m coming back now to say I’m leaving the “negotiator” post for good now; and for two reasons. One being that more got resolved on the two days I had no hand in things than the week in which I did. And the second which takes longer to talk about.

First some backstory. I had a number of (relatively) minor issues with Slacker members which were brought up anew by the honest yet flame-inducing post by Alahmnat. Without going into too much detail, some of the more vocal members of the Slackers made me feel uncomfortable (to whittle the issues down to a concept a three year-old can understand). I decided, after still more vocal members talked about being willing to talk things over after the arguments on Alahmnat’s blog comments section escalated. So I registered and, after initial hostilities, started working on my problems. I provided my view and the people involved provided theirs. I saw how I had assumed things and others had as well and my issues were solved. I also had fun there as I have in any of the mini-communities.

I then moved on to trying to resolve at least the issues that had come up through the argument on Alahmnat’s blog and, while only one person solved their issues (and not even when I was doing anything), I’m hopeful that more will take the initiative without someone like me actively trying to be a middleman.

I’m no longer going to be doing that for the reason that there’s nothing special that I’m bringing to it and that it can easily be handled by itself. The one type of person I met most often on both sides was the person who stated their opinion and followed it with “and the sooner you realize that, the better”. Because the sooner that you realize that carrying on a “war” for three years isn’t helping the community, that not talking to each other is going to fix things about as fast as it will take Cyan to get a 200 person staff, that belittling each other and making assumptions on each other’s characters only alienates more people and helps grow a new crop of people who will fight against you, that both sides have different views on what happened and had different triggers, that screaming at each other doesn’t help, that neither side is nor believes they are 100% correct, that neither side thinks they’re God, that neither side wants to destroy Uru, that neither side “winning” would bring about Armageddon, and that neither side is really all that different; the better.

Because, ultimately, what we all should be doing now is making the Uru community stronger in the month we have. This community is different from any other, it shows in our competence and our reasoning and our enjoyment of the game. Others may claim that they are better, but I say to them “not from where I sit.” All around me in other communities I see idiots bickering for power, pride ruling the day. In Uru, I see disagreements and people who feel too reserved to resolve, but feel they must say something and so say something in anger.


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  1. Erik says:

    Reading this reminds me of my attempts to unify the Dutch community… Not many know this, but the Dutch community is split in half. Something went wrong during Untìl Uru, and as a result there were two Dutch shards, there are still two Dutch forums, and in MOUL there are two Dutch neighbourhoods. And people from one forum/hood won’t talk to the ones on the other forum/hood. The two sides have become bigger and bigger, because even new Dutch explorers are forced to choose a side (if they want to join a Dutch ‘hood). This cold war has been going on for a few years now … it’s ridiculous.
    Both sides were complaining that their ‘hoods were too empty compared to prologue. They blamed Cyan, although I pointed out that they were the ones that caused it. Last year I spent some months (with others) to unify the community… In vain. People were too stubborn and no one wanted to admitted mistakes. People were even getting angry at me. Eventually I gave up.

    It’s good to see that there is progress concerning the Slackers and that problems are being solved. Good of you that you spent time trying to understand both sides and working towards a more peaceful situation.

  2. Wutt Evah says:

    I am so unaware of discussions like this outside of the MOUL forum. It’s very interesting. I also was unaware of this first conflict with Alahmnat. Could have been the 5 months I was with out ISP service during my move after MOUL opened? It seems to me MORE things just fester in the background when people 1. Won’t tell you they have a problem with you. 2. Aren’t allowed to express themselves with out fear of being censored. 3. Really don’t care to resolve/admit wrongs/or just avoid the sittuation.
    I will say this about Slackers. Cyan has not supported them like they have other groups. Cyan has laughed with us, but not stood up for us. The people who dislike anyone associated with Slackers is usually misinformed by bias, or has never bothered to talk to us personally. Alhmnat is a prime example of someone I have never talked to, but seems to know me so well and what I am like in person. And I just found out about his blog when someone brought up the blanketed comments and attack he made against us.
    The fact is he is representing Cyan along with some of the so called celebs around the cavern. This gives the appearance anything he says is approved of. Yet if any at all action is taken against him. We will never hear an apology, or see Cyan back us up.
    So there you have it. The haves and the have nots. And Slackers definatly only have each other to lean on in this kind of sittuation.
    And frankly Whilyam. Until I saw this blog. I had no idea you came to Slackers to Moderate a truce. I honestly thought you were just someone new who seemed a bit too interested in making people see things your way. And yes it got to be anoying from my view point.
    I learn something new about this comunity every day. I’m not a real social whore like some who know everyones business. Allot is said and done with out my awareness. But usually every thing I do hear since UU started is negative concerning Slackers. It’s easy to get along with everyone when Cyan seems to be using your group and keeps pushing us further into the background. And it’s infuriating to see the members of these groups beat their chest when they have gotten their Lollypop, and we get a rock. I’ve had some shitty things done to me since day one in UU, and heard nothing good from special groups/guilds about Slackers. It seems to have just become a way of Life in the cavern. And gives everyone something to gripe about until Uru goes back online once MORE. I know I’m rough when it comes to writing wrongs, and pointing out publicly what I think about some people. But the truth is it’s already like we don’t exisit so who cares? I have waited for 3 years for someone to prove me wrong about this. The consensus seems to be just throw the baby out with the bath water and be done with us. There is lots of talent, humor, sincerity, and devotion in the people at Slackers. Many have had to find some niche to do what they can in Uru. Many of us have no place simply because we have been beaten down and abused so that someone else could be put in the lime lite. So be it.
    Anyone willing to dare. Should go back to the begining of UU. And look in the archives of what ever forum you chose. I was full of Optimisim in those days. Over the years it has slowly been drained from me to make way for someone else who can play the politics game. I can’t.
    Thanks for listening.
    Wutt Evah

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