Hollow Earth


Yes, I know I haven’t said anything about Uru’s closure yet. Been rather busy.

I saw this thread this morning and have to agree with Marten. The situation was overblown by both sides and now another person is driven away for no good reason. SwiftHawk should have told Nanouk about whatever rule there was (I see none anywhere on the site) back when he posted this thread asking how to do so on the site. Nanouk should not have thrown out the word racist. From there, SwiftHawk has been very disrespectful to Nanouk over a single private comment in the heat of the moment. It is wrong to mock Nanouk as a girl and brand him as “riff-raff” that needed to be kept “on the run”. Wrong to disregard that Nanouk could be feeling hurt, wrong to make up new rules on the spot a week after having no problems with Nanouk and being friendly and helpful. Nanouk is the liaison (or was) for the Guild of Messengers and, from the little time I’ve talked to him in Uru, a good person. I understand SwiftHawk works hard, maybe it’s time for a break. Obviously he’s not a bad person either. He was helpful and kind to Nanouk only a week before. The only reason for the change I can think of is that one or both are stressed out. There’s nothing wrong with that. There IS something wrong with this kind of mean-spirited demonization. To be clear, there is also something clearly wrong with calling someone a rascist and posting non-Myst related copyrighted material on a gallery on a Myst site. However the second problem there could and should have been dealt with a week ago if it really was a problem.


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