Hollow Earth

Spore Set One: Creature Creator Trial

First off, I saw concepts of Spore back around 2004 or so and kept an eye on it because I loved the concept. That concept, at its core, being a “massively single-player game” as the game’s creator Will Wright puts it. A game where the game is single player, but the content is all fan-made.

I downloaded the free trial version of the creature creator (one tool in the Spore toolbox that literally spans galaxies) this morning. Ten minutes after installing it, I can’t wait for the game. The trial has a quarter of the creature parts used in construction, but you find yourself straining to find limits even so. You can see my exploits (and pull them into your own Creature Creator) by going here. Simply open the Creator and go to the Load Creature area. The click and drag the creature from the website into the Spore program. The creature’s there. It’s that easy.

Now, here comes the kicker, and the reason why (if the issue is ever put up to global vote) I will elect Will Wright to be named to replace God: Every creature takes up 25 kilobytes of space. Let me repeat that. 25kb of space to describe nearly any species you can imagine. You could fit three species on an old floppy disk. You can fit several thousand on a modern USB flash stick. The data is held in a 25kb thumbnail image of your creature stored locally in your My Documents folder.

I’ll be having more posts on the game later.


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