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I realize that this is a fair shot late, however I wanted to ensure I got as clear an idea of the proposal as I could. The alternative mentioned is a way of accessing the UU servers without going through Cyan’s authentication server. It was provided by a quite talented man by the name of Dickens and certainly is encouraging if for no other reason than that Dickens has quite a grasp of Uru’s code which will be invaluable if we are to streamline the game or increase the efficiency of user created content.

With that said, I do not like the proposal for the following simple reason: For the immense good it would do to allow our dear community a time together that it has longed for during these months (aside from those in other virtual worlds), I feel it would also do significant harm. Those among us who were around for the days of the old UU and more importantly D’mala remember that there were heated passions when it was revealed UU was to be terminated. Many had found a stable home there and disliked the idea of going back to Live. Many were unable to do so based on technical requirements I feel Gametap was chiefly responsible for. While I feel Cyan had consistently said they would take it down for Live’s rebirth, they also apparently said it would stay at some point and the termination otherwise was a violation of that previous promise.

Now, personally I would love (assuming it is legal to do so) to meet my friends again in the city even in the older version of the game. The problem I see is that we would be setting ourselves up for yet another round of heartache when MORE finally returned. No matter how many times Cyan might say that it is only temporary, people would grow attached. I have no stomach for watching the community delve into hatred for another time.


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  1. Keith says:

    Fan run shards are just a no in my book, I’m not best pleased about MO:RE having the option for shards either. I’m one of those people who feel UU did more harm than good to Uru.

  2. Whilyam says:

    I understand what you mean in terms of community animosity and fracturing. However, I would say that Uru would not have had the possibility of rebirth without it. Nor would Cyan likely be a company today.

    Also, from what I gathered on MORE, the shards would just be ways for individuals to host sections of the game, not an entire instance of it like what UU had. I must admit, however, that I’m not too clear on what exactly Cyan means.

  3. Papa Smurf says:

    It would be interesting to know if ‘Keith’ was active in UU, just accessed UU via D’mala or if he was in UU at all. If so, what shard did he visit and what handle did he use? I have heard this opinion expressed repeatedly but what I never see addressed is the reality of bringing large groups of people together without the inevitable conflict.

    People stratify, migrating to others who are like themselves. It is a natural thing and it is a part of every individuals life. Another ‘feature’ of the individual is that they each have their own standards/beliefs that they follow and/or practice. When you bring 10,000 people together, you better be ready to deal with 10,000 opinions, each which believes that they are right and everyone who disagrees with them is wrong. You also better be ready to deal with the inevitable conflict that will arise when people of differing beliefs collide with each other.

    If anything, UU proved that people are going to be people, even in the virtual world, and nothing is going to change that. Ever. People who believe that everyone will get along ignore the fact that they believe this because of their own beliefs. So when the inevitable difference arises, the person they are at odds with is wrong.

    Those who believe that everyone can get along only believe this because they believe they are right and anyone who differs with them is wrong. In other words, the fight is on from day one so the ‘everyone must get along’ concept is a complete failure from the start.

    From what I know of coding, it would not make sense for Cyan to distribute Ages to the public shards, making them all a part of the canon shard. That could introduce many other problems into the programming, not to mention the problems that would arise when the inevitable hardware crash occurs on a private shard, denying access to that Age until the shard server is repaired.

    That and the fact that tying private shards into the canon shard (Cyan’s shard) would involve some legal aspects that Cyan probably would not welcome. Would Cyan be responsible for misbehavior on a private shard? IMO, that alone is more than enough to give their legal guy heartburn.

    /back to lurking ;)

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