Hollow Earth

Say What?

While I don’t normally drag forum issues here, I recently came across a post which made my raise my eyebrow high enough that I now have a headache. I dub it, the “Say what?” moment of the day.

rygynjupiter said: “Sorry to say it needs to be taken out of Cyan’s hands”

Sophia said: “I would imagine Cyan has something to say about that  :wink:

Oh, and ryg… I shamefully admit I never read your original post, but I read some of the others and responded to that. My previous comments were not meant at you at all.”

Alright, so you not only didn’t read the original argument put forth by the person you’re talking to… you apparently aren’t talking to this person! If you’re going to make generalizations at least have the common courtesy to actually read the initial post of the person you’re arguing with. It’s sort of basic manners.


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