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Dire Straits

It seems the most popular pastime these days is fretting about Uru and Cyan. Now, I’ve seen the situation is grim and there’s a distinct possibility that Cyan will cease to exist unless they see a new project take off (or iMyst) which is a longshot in this economy. However, I’ve also been around in this community enough to know that, for all the die hards bailing, for all the debates for and against the rebooting of Uru or who it’s failed or how it will always fail, for all of these armchair “experts” explaining how they knew this was all going to happen long ago; through all of that, Uru will keep going in some form.

It has to do a lot with perception. When Uru Live was producing content, the biggest gripe was how little content there was. Now the same people are complaining that they just wish Uru were around again in any form with or without content. Anything, they say now. It was the same before. When UU was going strong, it was a great game. Preserving the fan-base and providing a sandbox from which the modern GoW plugin eventually came about (through H’uru, ALCUGS, Almys, and others). When Uru Live came about, however, UU became just a temporary thing. Just a place for the community to gather while they waited for Cyan. And, true, that was one of its purposes, however it dismissed the other portions as part of that.

And so when I hear people talking about what went wrong I wonder. Would we be talking like this if Uru were still up? Should we have? Will we remember this if and when Uru returns? I hope we do. Because if and when Uru comes back, it will be its last chance.


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