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Robyn Miller Buys Cyan Worlds, Announces New Games

From CNN:


By Sally Sparrow


In a surprise move today, Robyn Miller, co-creator of the popular computer game Myst, announced that he was taking over operations at the Spokane, Washington game development company effective today. Robyn, 42, takes over from his brother Rand Miller, 50, who has headed the company since 1997.  Signs of the change in leadership were obvious even this morning when the younger Miller hand-painted Cyan headquarters vibrant rainbow colors at approximately 4:30am Pacific time.

In addition to the changes to Cyan headquarters, Mr. Miller has allegedly added a number of rules to the company. According to an internal memo, all employees of “Cyan-Mauve-Fuchsia-Worlds” are to wear “brightly-colored suits and ties with the Lord Robyn’s face on them,” and “Employees are encouraged to co-ordinate with others so that no two employees wear the same color suit.” Company etiquette is also apparently changing at Cyan. Mr. Miller has announced that all current employees will be referred to by their choice of suit color. Future applicants will no longer be given job descriptions, instead they will be shown a color and Mr. Miller will determine if they are worthy of the position based on their description of it.

Mr. Miller has also come to the company with a number of games already being worked on by Cyan. One game, mentioned in the takeover news, is Captain Woogle and the Star Spackler. The game, from its description on the Cyan website, will lead players through a colorful and confusing world as Awesome Space Captain Woogle in his quest to find the Star Spackler to patch holes in the universe.

Mr. Miller also addressed the suddenness of the buyout in a podcast on the Cyan website. He read, in part, “Cyan Worlds is a critical part of the Robynanian economy and so we must provide the capital it needs to stay afloat in these difficult times. Never since the Great Spongecake Shortage of 2002 has Robynania seen such a crisis.”

Mr. Miller has also apparently gained the support of the United States in this endeavor. U.S. President Barack Obama this morning ordered Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to set aside $20 billion in bank rescue funds after Mr. Miller showed him some of the game concepts Cyan is working on. Asked about the large amount of support, the U.S. President had this to say, “Look, I went over a number of the proposals Robyn’s dreamt up and I think they could help turn this economy around within a month of their completion. I promise you, once you see them, you’ll agree they’ve got a lot of color in them.” President Obama is reportedly planning on encouraging other countries at the G 20 economic forum to commit additional capital for the production of the games.


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