Hollow Earth

A Call

If any of you have watched the Mysterium footage (seen HERE) you know there was news of Open Uru.

To boil it down, Open Uru has been set aside for the moment in favor of an unknown paying project. Mark “Chogon” DeForest, who was working primarily on the project, is busy with that. The question came up (almost at the end of the above video) about whether talented volunteers could do the required work of stripping plug-ins and other pieces of software Cyan cannot legally distribute as open source. And Rand replied, essentially, yes– that such a deal would be fun.

So this is a humble request for those volunteers. While I have no training (or knowledge what-so-ever) in the technical aspects of the server and world-creation code, I do know that the fans here are supremely talented. From back in UU when fans were able (with Cyan’s help) to resurrect Uru and begin to unlock the ability to add new worlds to it. Through Uru Live when development continued behind the scenes. And finally to the present day when I can still explore not only the original Ages, but Myst V ages, Live’s Ages, and fan Ages beyond anything that was around even a few years ago. If that can be done, this can be done. So I urge those with knowledge and talent to take up the call. There has never been another moment for the fans in which your action could impact the future of Uru than now. If you are interested, I urge you to contact Chogon or another representative at Cyan. Times there are tight and I am positive that they would welcome the help.


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