Hollow Earth

Andrew Keen

Some years ago, when Cult of the Amateur had just come out, I read Andrew Keen. I disagreed strongly with him then, but I was confident that he was, at least, no fool. He was, in my opinion, a member of a previous generation bemoaning the loss or degradation of said generation. Every generation has one. The phrase goes something like “every generation thinks it’s better than the ones it descended from and the ones which descend from it.” It was a simple debate and, at the time, it was often debated. Mr. Keen had the rare argument which at least appeared to be solid and he articulated his points well.

Sadly, that is all gone. Mr. Keen appears now to have turned into something rude and insulting. Not simply insulting other people by calling them childish, insulting also to the dignified and principled (even if I believed those principles to be wrong) debate. One moves to insults to gain attention, and Mr. Keen seems to need it. One comment on the entirety of the articles on the front page.

Mr. Keen has said he dislikes people who insult other anonymously via blogs. As one comment notes, however… one cannot find ID of Mr. Keen. He has shown no photo ID, social security card, nor listed his home address or any other identification when making his posts, thus making him anonymous and insulting people who merely have a different viewpoint than his. There is a larger lesson in this. One’s principles should never lead one to blind faith or thoughts of superiority. If they do, they are no longer principles. They are enablers of arrogance.

Edit: To clarify, the part on principles is referring to the Uru community and NOT to Mr. Keen.

Also, the part on identification is meant to illustrate the problem with arguing against anonymity on the internet.

And lastly, despite all this, I still respect Mr. Keen. I simply wish he would return to the (more effective, in my opinion) debate style he had before.


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