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Philanthropic Urges

These days I usually only write when something stirs me. Whether it be a great development or a despicable act, it takes something special. This occasion is no different.

If you subscribe to Mystblogs or are on Twitter, you have no doubt seen a link for Help the Hamiltons. Asking for help on the internet is certainly nothing new but, while it is not the most eloquent plea for help, it is clear they are facing challenges I have blessedly only briefly experienced in my life. Sadly, this post is not about a hope for charity.

This is short, and quickly done, and does not nearly do justice to the post. My time to write is short, but to leave this alone feels to me akin to condoning it. I just recently saw this post. It reads:

I’m a college student who has no income. I live in a destitute area. I have six years of college ahead of me so that I can teach High School Science. A very noble profession, in my opinion.

I’m not begging for money.

Oh, while I’m not begging, I really need one of those new $2,500 17″ MacBook Pros. I get really bored between my CHEM 1211 Lecture and Lab… I could write papers for my ENGL 1101 class and annoy my POLS 1101 professor with it! So, satisfy your philanthropic urges, and donate to my cause!

This is wrong, Hoikas. This is beyond wrong. Your About page says you are eighteen. So perhaps you haven’t yet felt the agony of struggling with a friend or family member who is un-endingly sick. Perhaps you have not yet had your life up-ended in this way. It is a horrible, daily struggle. Who taught you this was right? Who told you this was anything other than a low and cruel attack? You have a personal disagreement with Eleri? That’s fine. I’m sure both of you could have endless arguments over who did what, who is worse, and on, and on. Go on to the end of time arguing over it. But let it be when someone is asking for help.

Perhaps you will realize this and apologize for mocking another family’s plea for help in a recession.


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  1. BAD says:


    Though I do agree with you that Hoikas may have had a mocking tone in this reply, I have to disagree with your assessment that this is a personal attack.

    I myself am living in a less than desirable way of life, yet I do not ask for any handouts what so ever. I firmly believe that only you can raise yourself out of a situation your not comfortable in, and to ask others to give you money or anything when you do not have a dire need is wrong.

    I live on my Father in laws farm, I have no job. My wife just started working at Wal-mart for next to nothing. We have been dealing with the loss of child, and my wifes Mental disabilities for the past seven years.

    We have next to nothing. I work my butt off at this farm to pay for our rent. While I am job searching and networking with colleagues. Plus I am also dealing with unemployment benefits and lets face it depression.

    We live in a place that is falling apart and it’s my job to fix it. I have no money to fix it and my father in law can’t get a loan. So we live paycheck to paycheck.

    Now I could easily set up a blog or whatever and ask for help, but I won’t. Why? Because I know I can change this situation. It will be difficult, but I will get through it ON MY OWN.

    When I see others panhandling (basically) it makes me feel like my situation is discounted. Especially when they are better off then I am.

    • whilyam says:

      Perhaps I am missing something in your context. For me, taking a mocking tone with someone asking for help is synonymous with a personal attack.

      I don’t believe it is Hoikas’ or anyone’s job to define who is/is not deserving of charity. It is a testament to you that you are working to change your situation on your own. However, to me, that is all it is. A testament, a credit to you. Not the “right” way to get out of financial hardship.

  2. Alahmnat says:

    Thank you for writing this, Whil. You put it far more eloquently than I was considering doing.

    Also, BAD, I think you need to stop and re-examine your attitude. You said that only people in dire need of help should be asking for money, and proceed to chastise Blade and Eleri for doing so when it is quite obvious that they are such people. Being well behind on mortgage payments, having to pay large portions of one’s meager paychecks for medicine and doctors visits for almost every member of a five-person family, dealing with an aggressive and developmentally challenged child who has literally driven her parents into clinical stress and exhaustion requiring an in-patient hospital visit, and who causes further income issues as her behavior is often enough to require more than one parent to handle, combined with the fact that the state of Washington seems to be actively trying to ignore them, I think Blade and Eleri more than qualify as being in dire need. I know Eleri is not the sort of person who leaps at the opportunity to take money from people because she can’t afford to buy a new iPod. This call for help is literally a last resort for her and Blade… If they’d have been able to raise the money they need any other way, they would have and actually have already attempted to do so.

    I’ve spent time with them as a family and have seen the condition they’re living in (physically and mentally). It isn’t pretty. Hoikas equating their incredible and personally overwhelming financial problems with a bored teen looking for money to buy a new luxury laptop is sick and wrong, and I think you know that, BAD.

    • BAD says:

      First off, don’t ever assume what i know and what I do not. You don’t know me, or my situation nor would you care because you have blatantly shown you are severly biased in almost everything you get involved with. Eleri and Blade are your friends, awesome for you. I don’t need people like you on your high and noble horse spiting on me.

      I already said I am in a WORSE situation. I’m not gonna advertise what that situation is because I try not to share all of my personal life with everyone on the net.

      The cliff notes are, I am out of work, my wife is disabled and we have been dealing with severe debt and hospital bills for years. So please, don’t poke your nose into this without finding out who and what your dealing with.

      Oh I forgot, I am a member of the Slackers, so I am automatically suspect for everything I say or do, right? So please save your holier than thou replies for someone who doesn’t know your games.

      Yes I do see that Hoikas is being sarcastic about what they are doing, but your blowing this situation out of proportion “and I think you know that,” Alahmat.

  3. DreamingGirl says:

    Did you guys actually check out the links in Hoikas’ blogpost? Perhaps you should..

    • whilyam says:

      Speaking for myself, yes. That was one of the first things I did. They are both incredible charities and I encourage people to donate to them. Had they been in a post that wasn’t mocking a family asking for help it would have been even better.

      • DreamingGirl says:

        I don’t think his stab was meant at Eleri, I think it was meant at Alahmnat. If you look at his blogs frontpage, you will see his plea for the Hamiltons side by side with his own plea, complete with a ‘donate’ button for paypal, for a new harddrive for himself. I don’t know about you, but to me that looks wrong. It kinda makes his post about the Hamiltons look kinda half-hearted, and that’s not helping Eleri at all. If he was really serious about helping her, he should have had the decency to remove his own begging to not detract from the cause. I think THIS is what Hoikas is poking at, and I can’t say I blame him :/

        No one is making fun of Eleri and the situation she is in right now, but if you want to help her, at least be serious about it..

      • whilyam says:

        That would be plausible, except for three things.

        One, Alahmnat’s plea for help says “Website design work, graphic design work, and chainmaille commissions can be negotiated in exchange for monies.” which, to me, makes it less “donation” and more “commission”.

        Secondly, Hoikas made no distinction between the two cases. Even if it was not directed at Eleri (which I have difficulty believing as Eleri’s plea is getting a sizable amount of publicity now and Alahmnat’s is nearly six months old) she still deserves an apology in my opinion because the parallel between Hoikas’ mocking plea and Eleri’s genuine plea is enough for the meaning to be confused.

        Thirdly, even ignoring point one, is a poorly/casually-worded plea for help a justifiable reason for an attack? Look, this are the interwebz. Hardly repository great is this of Engilsh. I joke about this, but it’s true. People have a wide range of ways they solicit help from others. Again, it may not be the most eloquent, but it is a stylistic choice.

        Lastly, please no one bring up Slackers vs. or any other “us vs. them” nonsense. I saw it similarly brought up on Twitter. To sum it up, all it does is resurrect the bones of an old forum fight of which both sides should have grown up a long time ago. Moreover than that, it disperses the responsibility Hoikas is the sole owner of. I think he should apologize, not because of his group affiliation, but because of the content of his message.

      • DreamingGirl says:

        I guess we have to agree to disagree then :)

        (btw I don’t recall bringing slackers into this?)

      • whilyam says:

        “(btw I don’t recall bringing slackers into this?)”

        My mistake. My reply was also referencing BAD’s comment above which mentioned Slackers. Alahmnat referenced Slackers before then on his Twitter page. I am simply tired of listening to immature grown-ups insisting the other is picking on them, etc.

      • DreamingGirl says:

        Ah, that I can agree on ;)

  4. Please don’t worry about it, I wasn’t offended. Each person has their own view of what it acceptable to ask for, and what isn’t, and what works for them, and what doesn’t. I can only base my actions on what we’ve deemed needed for our family. People’s acceptance, or not, of those actions isn’t something I examine closely.

    • Hoikas says:

      I’m glad you weren’t offended, Eleri because my post was not directed at you. You have a legitimate need (much like the charities that I referenced), in my opinion, though I do disagree with your means, I’m not going to mock them.

      I suggest to you, Whilyam, that you reexamine my post, the order of the Myst Blogs feed, and the blog that has a post previous to mine verrry carefully. Or, if you’re lazy, read DG’s post. It’s almost like she got inside my head somehow… She describes my intent perfectly.

      Some people need to learn how to read beyond the lines… Especially when the hyperlinks are underlined.

      • whilyam says:

        I too am glad Eleri is not offended.

        I did look a the Mystblogs listing, and that was in fact the reason I chose to post about it. Your post was essentially in response to a post about Eleri’s plight. Given that Eleri just recently posted her plea for help and that Eleri’s site detailed their struggles (which you appeared to parody) I can reasonably draw only one conclusion from that. It is not logical to think that you would be referencing a 5+ month old solicitation from Alahmnat. Not that mocking someone asking for help is any better just because they don’t have children in dire need of care, but it is good to know you were not mocking who I thought you were.

      • My hope is, to get back to the point where we can be the ones helping others, through places like your very worthy charities (my favorite is modestneeds.org), and helping out friends and family as we can.

        It’s never an easy thing to reach past a comfort zone to ask for help. The desire for, and the pride in, self sufficiency is a strong one.

  5. semplerfi says:

    Eleri, you can do it. I know you can. In the early 80’s I went bankrupt and lost everything and then became homeless. It took several years but I clawed my way out and back. I am a better and stronger person for it. So can you & yours and so will you & yours.


    whilyam wrote: “I am simply tired of listening to immature grown-ups insisting the other is picking on them, etc.”

    You are tired of it but you seem have no problem adding to it. Oh! I get it now. “Do as I say not as I do.” Cool… nice double standard.

    Since when do blogs & twitters speak? They do not speak to me, so I can not listen to them. I have to seek them out and read them on my own.

    Shame on you… whilyam your antics here have done nothing but degrade Eleri and her cause. What little respect I had for you whilyam is now gone.

    • whilyam says:

      Adding to it in what way? I posted calling out what appeared to be a sick degradation of a plea for help (it was not, which I am glad). I don’t see the slightest comparison between that and claiming that “the Slackers are bashing Eleri”.

      Blogs and tweets speak to you when you have a broad base from which you listen. I have a wide range of people I follow, depending on how interesting what they have to say is.

      And shame on me for what? I have not degraded anyone in the slightest. This was a misunderstanding and I am glad that is all it was. But, I have lost your respect. I don’t know why, but oh well.

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