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Slowly going to begin switching my mail over to Gmail. I won’t post it here. If you’ve got it, just change it from @yahoo.com to @gmail.com. Otherwise, it’s the same. I wish Yahoo would let me forward the mail that comes there automatically, but they want me to pay for it.


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  1. Alahmnat says:

    As long as Yahoo supports pulling mail via pop3 (and maybe IMAP, I’m not sure) without charging, you can get your gmail account to poll your Yahoo mailbox for mail, instead of doing mail forwarding from Yahoo. I have my gmail address set up to pull mail from my ancient Hotmail account this way.

  2. Tomala says:

    K thanks. I updated your profile. XD

  3. Paradox says:

    Yahoo doesn’t allow pulling via POP3, but GMail itself has a very cool “import” function. :)

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