Hollow Earth

Top Ten Things Overhead at Cyan Headquarters

If you haven’t heard already, Uru Live has returned. To lighten up this already-light mood, here’s a David Letterman-style Top Ten list of the top ten things overheard at Cyan HQ.

10. Is the server supposed to make that sound?

9. I wonder if anyone will notice we gave Zandi a new steak.

8. Wait ’till the fans find out we’ve replaced Atrus’ intro speech with a video of a dancing cat!

7. Okay, we opened an Uru server. Now give us back Rand.

6. Seriously, guys, is it supposed to make that noise?

5. I wonder if Ubisoft will notice we Bahro’ed their servers for this.

4. You know what they say, old Uru servers never die, they just link away.

3. Don’t tell anyone we had to get Zandi to play Sutherland.

2. Is vid happy yet?

1. Did anyone remember to feed RAWA?


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