Hollow Earth

Manage or Placate

Which are we doing? Which do we need?

What it was.

By all accounts, Myst, Riven, and even Prologue-era Cyan were fairly good at managing the community. They had mysteries and side quests which kept the diehards busy and engaged while building excitement towards Cyan’s next project. Atrus’ journals, the Riven journals, and Preafter all occupied the community’s time and had a certain synergy with the community Cyan was aiming at (people who were curious and took interest in solving puzzles).

What it became.

Unfortunately, that didn’t last. Until Uru saw Cyan virtually non-existant and D’mala/MOUL brought back a different Cyan. Perhaps the layoffs eliminated the good community managers, but we were left with placaters. By that, I mean people who saw the community not as something growing you managed, such as a garden, but instead as something hazardous you placate, like an angry dog. People said they were frustrated because the lake light meter on the docks didn’t change, and people made royal fools of themselves getting upset over this. But Cyan placated the belligerent community by giving graphs of data which didn’t show much of anything to the average member. Sure, it calmed down the people who saw this as supreme injustice, but it didn’t solve the problem. The problem, in this case, was that Cyan had made activities for the community without giving them a meaningful value on a larger scale.

What it needs to be.

As we go into this time of community empowerment, we need Cyan to be empower. We need to have large-scale, two-way communication. Not just where Cyan announces something and the community oohs and aahs. Not just where the community stupidly makes demands and Cyan is supposed to do as they are told, but where both sides try to meet halfway. An idea is suggested, problems are voiced, and solutions discussed.

Is Uru Cyan’s or Ours?

It can’t really be classified as either. Uru is no longer truly Cyan’s game because the work that went into Until Uru has, in large part, been diverted into resurrecting that system after MOUL died. In that way, Uru is still free/open. Robyn Miller has said Uru belongs with the fans, but as much as fans want that to be true it can’t realistically happen. In the end, Uru is a Myst game and, as such, brings in fans who like Cyan’s story and ages only or primarily. Cyan still needs to, in a sense, “hold their hands” while the community matures and grows into the space provided.


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