Hollow Earth

Top Ten Signs CrisGer is Nuts

And now, continuing the proud tradition of using Mr. Letterman’s gags, here’s the top 10 signs CrisGer is nuts (if his posts aren’t enough to tell you):

10. Seen last week calling Yeesha a coded construct.

9. Was shocked and appalled to learn what a computer was.

8. Found setting his bread on fire rather than use that “mechanized and lobotomized” thing called a “toaster.”

7. He waited in line for an iPad, then yelled at the Apple employee for selling him a “coded mechanism masquerading as a cutting board.”

6. He asked Dhelayan for moral guidance.

5. Said he was harassed by Wall-E.

4. Ran around Ae’gura for three days screaming “BOTS IN MAH BEVIN!”

3. Declared he was a member of the Greeters right after claiming he was the rightful king of Antarctica.

2. Said he spoke for the human race and negotiated a deal with the Combine.

1. Wants to throw R2-D2 out for the good of all!


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4 Responses

  1. Once they heard THAT yelling, Tink’s Leedle Frenz pulled out of the Bevin they’d been cruising to Tink its lights.

  2. […] the first two, I can really only think of one particular individual, whose odd behavior was described earlier today more aptly than I could by Whilyam. Since Ian Atrus’s post, I don’t […]

  3. Tomala says:

    You win teh internetz again sir.

  4. BAD says:

    He may be a raving lunatic, but he’s OUR raving lunatic. :D

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