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I like passionate people. Energetic people. People who have a vision and put it into action. There’s a difference between passionate people putting their viewpoint into action and fanatics that preach their way or extermination; and so, by that we arrive at Dr.CrisGer.

CrisGer is most well known for being the person who said we should “throw some people out for the good of all” as a response to someone hacking the memorial imager. The “some people” were people like me who had denounced the paranoid ramblings of others. Or, as CrisGer put it: “the selfish talk and aggressive attacks on Cyan, on the world of URU and the disisents we have had to listen to for months now on these forums and others pushing over and over for Open Source at any cost and people trying to grab control of parts of MOUL rather than just enjoy what we have. This sort of angry and selfish and immature action risks everything for all of us.”

No. You are the threat to all of this for all of us. You who intimidate the honest developments of others. You who perverts the talents of others into demons to be feared. You who use scare tactics and fear-mongering to drive so many wedges into this community. You who falsely claim to want Uru to be open and then call frank discussion “aggressive attacks.” You who invent power grabs. You who try to resurrect battles which occurred before you even arrived. You who display such ugly ignorance and dissuade new people from coming to a game dreaming of the worlds they will create.

But this is just the tip. The most amazing of the paranoia. The part rational people chuckle at before shuddering slightly. There was more, in a thread on what role people saw in “bots” like OHBot in the Greeter’s neighborhood. CrisGer responds without reading the post, without getting the facts, without understanding what he’s talking about and continues with the same apocalyptic nonsense that came before. It’s a danger to Uru. It is hacking. It is evil and he will not be a part of it. Frankly, CrisGer is too long-winded to really condense well without missing some gems. Pay close attention to the following:

It is NOT up to the Guild of Greeters or any group to impose this bot on a public area that is accessible to any and all players of all ages who wish to experience and know the real URU MOUL cavern that we all love.”

“Please remove it and do not bring such ridiculous programing experiments into the world which so many of us have worked so long to enjoy and to restore.”

“You may feel suprrised that some may not enjoy your toy as much as you do, but we dont…we dont like to see real people lose their jobs to bots, to see the world increasingly mechanized and lobotomized in the name of projgress and I am shocked and appalled to see such a scheme as yours and this ridiculous exploit given any support at all.”

“This intrusion is a grandstanding venture of the worst kind. I have been a member of the Guild of Greeters and helped create this current GOG hood and signed in the very first non creator member.

Okay, so the GoG can’t impose anything in their own neighborhood, but CrisGer can impose his will on everyone else. Also, the GoG has no idea what you are talking about. You are not a member of the Guild of Greeters. Finally, others come in and inform him that OHBo is not an exploit. So what is the next post include? Why, more rambling about the evil exploit, of course!

“I have shared my sincere concerns here politely and will now close with a repeat of my request.

As a long time player and someone who cares a lot about the Cavern and the wonderful world of the D’ni I respectfully ask that you remove this exploit to your own hood. It is NOT your right to impose it on the game or on any of us in a publlic hood.”

Now, sincere I have no doubt of. But I challenge anyone to see the previous quotes as “polite.” For a man who is an artist, CrisGer you have little respect in the expression of others. But let’s see this to the end. CrisGer made one last post in that thread that included this fantastic tidbit:

“I do not speak for eveyone or try to. I speak for those of us who care about the game and the world for what it is and what it can be.”

And here is where we saw the break between CrisGer’s fanaticism and the passion of the people who will actually grow Uru. The part where people began saying what sounds the death knell of the old ideology. That “CrisGer doesn’t speak for me.” It is a rejection of the fake collective. That, for some absurd reason, you cannot support fan development AND Uru at he same time. The disgusting suggestion that people who develop for Uru who take opinions contrary to CrisGer’s don’t care about Uru. It is character assassination and it is cowardice. To take potshots from afar and assault the moral credibility of others without care for the logic of your own arguments.

CrisGer is an extreme example, that is true. Even people who have taken similar stances against fan development stood back from CrisGer’s tirade against the imagined enemy. But it’s more than that. I get the impression that, despite the distancing done, that some people agree with the thinking behind that lashing out. That Uru is better off without fan developers and fan creations. That we can’t trust the fans to do things “right”.

In the end, the truth is that CrisGer is one man on the MOUL forums –a forum where Cyan’s strongest supporters reside and where criticism of Cyan/discussion of new ideas is discouraged by the other users and outlawed by the forum rules (just updated with largely superficial changes). We can listen to that ideology and go back to waiting for Cyan to get funding and then lose funding because the “understanding” company suddenly becomes less so. Or we can be open to new ideas and let others follow their preferences. I see Uru’s future in open source and open thinking. If Cyan is not the one to provide that, someone else will and they will profit from it.


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6 Responses

  1. D'nial says:

    Very good. This is the relevant diagnostic of the Uru community’s problems that will get people thinking about how to get Open Source Uru out and do it right.

    This is also the first time that I noticed that CrisGer blamed the Uru dissenters for the problem with the imager. I just thought he meant to throw out people who hacked Uru for destructive ends.

    In regards to the last paragraph, how often does Cyan look at the Guild of Writers forum and other fan-run fora? Greydragon and Chogon at least used to post on Uru Obsession, but that seems to have stopped since RAWA became community manager.

  2. Erik says:

    Why even bother with CrisGer? Everyone can see his posts are nonsense. I think it’s best just to ignore him, let him ramble in the void… If people stop paying attention to him, he will surely get tired of his own posts too (at least I hope so).

    • whilyam says:

      Because, as I wrote, his opinions are more than just nonsense. They are the more extreme products of the old ideology.

  3. Andy Valdez says:

    Wow.. Some people I swear… It’s people like you Whil that make this ridiculous world make sense. Thank you for the post.

  4. Tomala says:

    A book of CrisGerisms. Nice.

  5. Capella says:

    A bit late to reply, but I really like this post. I agree that people like CrisGer stop respectful discussion from happening by gunking up the works of that discussion, being extremely one-sided, being outright disrespectful of anyone who disagrees, and more. I applaud you for standing forth and holding out against this kind of ridiculousness.

    (I’ve admired reading your posts on MO:UL for awhile, but I tend to avoid /posting/ over there thanks precisely to idiots like this. (I’m a long-standing community member and admin over at MYSTCommunity, and I stay /there/ precisely because of people like him; our Uru boards are quiet, but they’re much less…unreasonable with the moderating.))

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