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4 Essential Blender Scripts

In the course of making Ages, there are a number of things new writers will find to be very frustrating. Among them are modeling complex (or time-consuming) objects like stairs and ladders. Thankfully, these scripts are here to help. Some add functions to the main mesh creation menu (spacebar > Mesh) while others add functions to the scripts window. Along with the scripts I talk about here, there are a number of other scripts that can be found at the link I provided earlier.

Circular Stairway:

This is a very useful script that creates steps like a series of cylinders placed on top of each other (except with simpler geometry). This is good for making steps leading up to a round plaza but also has other uses. For example, if you turn the resulting model upside-down and pull what was the bottom of the model to what used to be the top of the model and invert the normals, you get a Colosseum-type of descending arena model. Installing it is simple. Just download the .py file into the scripts area where you put your PyPRP installation.


Can be used to make any and every type of gear I can think of (even worm screws). Excellent for a mechanical or clockwork-themed Age (Nexus re-working, anyone?). The link to the developer’s page has a lot of useful information, including how to properly use the settings to get the right kind of gear. Installation is simple as well. Again, simply place the .py file in the scripts folder.


Creates simple ladders quickly and easily. Boring square-runged ladders? Yes. All you need? Yes. For Uru, you need to set the “Height” setting for 1 and then bring the ladder down .58 blender units to get it at the right height (.42) over the floor. To install, you place both of these .py files in the scripts folder: add_mesh_ladder.py and mesh_cube_wire.py

Script for Stairs:

The single best/most useful script of all. The script that simply and easily makes any form of stairs (spiral, with landings, with caps, railings, etc.). Stairs are the bane of Age-making for me, time-consuming to get right. Not with this. Unlike the other scripts, this adds a menu to the Scripts tool (Scripts > Mesh > ALL Stairs). From there you select the code you want to use for your stairs (several for straight or spiral stairs) and from there you either use a small dialog box like for the previous scripts or use a larger group of settings in the scripts window. This takes some experimenting, but the possibilities would seem to be endless.

To install, put these files in he scripts folder:



And you’re all set.


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