Hollow Earth

The Slow Death (and how we avoid it)

Time has not done Uru good. Speaking from a layman’s perspective (I don’t know about technological antiquities, though I have heard of many) Uru’s graphics are quickly showing their age graphically. Textures seem blurry and low-resolution in an increasingly high-res world. Models and lighting seem less realistic, though still quite substantial. The graphics of Uru are still impressive, but there are areas where they shows their years.

Time has also not done Uru good from the social perspective. The community seems increasingly filled with un-bending views of what Uru should be that we miss what it could be. More effort is put into “defending” Uru from that which some don’t like.

It would seem that Uru is suffering a slow death, one marked not by closures, but by losses. People leaving the community or the mortal world itself. Uru has resumed the haze of grey depression it saw after its closure. For many, the Ages are no longer colorful and full of life; they are faded and full of memories and unfulfilled longing.

It would seem what I feared is happening.

It would seem Uru will not go out with a bang, but a whimper.

However, I have still not lost hope. Because reality is quite different from what is seen. On all sides of the ideological battle for “what is Uru” there is exaggeration and hyperbole. Just as “all those hackers want to do is make Uru Second Life,” so too are there “hordes of CrisGers.” Just as people leave is despair, I see others come with renewed belief in what is possible. Just as I tilt my head and examine some obscure texture seam, I see- out of the corner of my eye- a person simply standing on the stairs in Ae’gura, in awe of the Great Arch and the universe they have found.

I talked to CrisGer during a Mysterium IRC chat. While he is still a mass of complex contradictions, he is hardly as irrational as his MOUL posts would suggest. He is one of the New Guard(those that came after Prologue), like me. He is used to what has always been and has yet to go beyond grudging tolerance of the new, unlike me.

The simple truth is that CrisGer is not, nor ever will be, the actual future of Uru. The MOUL forums are not filling up with his clones, they are filling up with people with a new spirit and curiosity in “hacking” Uru. They are filling with people intrigued by the history of D’ni -the core of a new, thriving Uru. Yet people despair that the ranks of those who want to build new things in Uru are slimming. They’re growing.

The simple truth is also that Second Life and evil hax are not, nor ever will be, the actual future of Uru. The Writers don’t want to ruin your Uru experience, they want to produce tools to help fans fulfill and further those experiences as the fans choose. Yet people wring their hands and worry about obscene additions to Uru will be plentiful if the tools are released. The fact is the tools are available if someone wants to do that, no one does and no one will (for long).

The “middle ground” has emerged as a popular thing to claim membership in. In reality, the “middle ground” shifts. Some members are enthusiastic about fan Ages, others think they have a long way to go. I think a more productive view is to look at people’s logic and basis for their views. Quite a lot of them are incorrect, mostly dealing with Uru’s history. This is understandable (as opposed to Uru’s history, which is generally not). What needs to happen is education for new people about the experiences that occurred, first-hand accounts, and facts. What happens now is propogation of lies or misrepresentation of reality. Intentionality of this varies, but the result remains the same. too many people think, for example, that Yeesha/the Bahro was always part of the game, that the Gira puzzle was always the way it is, that the journey doors were always present, or that other Uru shards are illegal.

In the end, I think it is very possible for Uru to succeed. But we need Cyan if the future is going to be in their version of MOULa. If they do not do the work, the fans will. It is just that simple.


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2 Responses

  1. Jevasi says:

    Wow! I think this is one of the most upbeat things about Uru that I’ve heard from anyone in quite some time. Obviously given what I just said I agree with you on this. Now is the time to tell tales and stories of the days of old and of the changes that time has wrought. Not simply of D’ni but also of DIRT and MUDPIE.

  2. And it seems, even after all the hope – Uru is dying the slow death – not a bang, but a whimper.

    CAVCON finally got the login counts, and its painfully obvious that the logins are steadily dropping.

    Something needs to happen, and soon – before there is no one left to see it.

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