Hollow Earth

The Guilds Part 2: The Guild of Cartographers

Of all the Guilds I analyzed previously, the Cartographers have changed the least. Sadly, that means they are still a Guild in name only. The Guild does not exist, plain and simple. This is disheartening to me because the GoC is one of two Guilds which require no input from Cyan to reach their full potential (Messengers is the other one). The point is, the GoC could be the most successful Guild, instead of the least.

The major problem is a lack of organization. People can make maps on their own, sure, but people don’t necessarily have the skills to do a full map. Perhaps someone can do the lineart, someone colors it, someone checks to make sure it’s to scale, etc. There’s no structure right now around which interested people can find others who can help them. As such, the few maps that have been released are primarily solo projects which, while they are stunning, are not sustainable.

A second problem is a lack of advertising. This is no scientific thesis, but I would be willing to bet most in the Uru community (such that it is) has no idea what the GoC is or where to get involved. There needs to be an easy and attractive way for people to get involved in the Guild. More importantly, there needs to be a passionate person directing the Guild who can inspire and attract people to the group. The question is: Will it be you, reader?

This gets to the core of what needs to happen to get this Guild functioning again.

First, the Guild needs to be replaced/remade. A dedicated site (rather than being hosted on another domain name) would help promote a solid, professional air to the group. A clean, easy-to-use site with an equally-easy uploading system would help encourage new members to create maps. With this also comes the need for a charismatic leader.

Second, the Guild needs to work with the other Guilds. I imagine a day when I (or anyone else) release an Age and include a map with it the day of release. I imagine when I can have a pod-age-style map in the Age itself. Not only that, but the Greeters get a copy to distribute to lost players, the Messengers have a copy to put in their news post, and the Maintainers have a copy to use in their inspections.

This is all easily possible and all incredibly beneficial to Uru as a whole, the fuel for gaining interest in Uru. Right now, I see no one doing any work in the GoC, so it is ready for someone to come in and work on re-building it. The question, as always, is: Will that someone be you?

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