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Learning from Others: Left 4 Dead Cold Stream

With the source for Uru newly released, it made me think about other fan content I’ve seen and the potential pitfalls involved. In short: Fans should have the rights to download the fan ages they choose to include in their experience.

For those who don’t know, Cold Stream is a custom fan-created map for the Left 4 Dead 2 game. There are lots of fan-created campaings and maps for the game, but what stands out to me is the fact that Valve included the Cold Stream beta map as a small downloadable update. What I dislike about this, and where I see this as a problem for Cyan, is that Cold Stream is not as good (in my opinion) as other maps available. However, Valve has nonetheless included it in an update.

The issue for Cyan is this: Fans are not going to be happy when the ages they want to play are not included in the game. Left 4 Dead solves this by letting anyone add campaigns at will, but Cyan has said that “As new writers arise with new books, the books are tested and documented – and books that are approved by some new kind of maintainers guild will (hopefully) find their way to the MOULa server where the public can enjoy new worlds once again.” This implies strongly that fan content will be vetted and added to the MOULa server (which is great). The problem that I see is that there’s no alternate way (at least for now) for fans to still explore the Ages not yet released on the MOULa server.


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  1. Kaelri says:

    As I understand it, the source code being released also includes the software needed to host a fully-functional copy of MOULa on an independent server. So all we need are one or more kind souls who are willing to maintain their own servers. It’ll be up to Cyan and the community (probably more the latter) to provide a directory or other infrastructure to make those servers easy for fans to find.

  2. Protected says:

    Hey, Whilyam. I just found out you play Minecraft from Notch’s twitter… Small world (the guy has eight million whiney fans to reply to and it had to be someone I recognize). I was in Until Uru, D’mala shard, MO:UL, DRC forums and related groups (latest name was Anansi, you probably won’t remember me). How are things going with open source Uru? Are people still around? Wanna give me a really quick summary of the past few years so I don’t have to comb through ten forums for information? ;D It would be great if you could (I will at least read through your blog). Also, are there a lot of people from Uru on Minecraft? It would be nice to check out whatever servers you guys play in, if you do.

  3. Whilyam says:

    I remember an Anansi, so I’m sure that was you. Open Source Uru is here, people are still around. The quick summary is that, after the Guild of Writers helped Cyan maintain Uru and attract new people, Cyan gave the code to OpenUru.org, a group of people who show no knowledge of how to run an open source project. Thankfully, it looks like the GoW fork is becoming more popular. As for MC, it looks like a good number of Uru fans frequent MC servers, but they’re all private.

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