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Question for a future post

I’m curious about the influence of Let’s Plays on someone’s decision whether or not to buy a game. If you have the time, please answer the following poll.


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  1. Deg says:

    I don’t watch Let’s Plays, but I do watch video reviews on sites like Gamespot.com

  2. It depends on the game and the dialogue of the Lets Play. I’ve seen some hilarious ones and some corny ones.

    • Whilyam says:

      Just as a poll guide, probably it’s best answer what your “average” feeling is to get an idea of the influence as a whole. Obviously one would think a “good” LP is much more likely to encourage sales than a “bad” one.

  3. Tweek says:

    I don’t really watch LP’s.I watched Coe’s Quest for a bit then got bored.

    For the most part I tend to know what games I want to get already.

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