Hollow Earth

Development: Bimevi

Bimevi is another Age, like Sholek’s Temple, that was created as part of a contest. In this case, the Rapid Age Development contest. The Age was my first stab at making an Age grounded in D’ni lore and my first Age that really had a core story. Since release, Bimevi’s concept has evolved so that its story is now tied to a much larger one.

Bimevi started as a top-down drawing of a small pit. The concept had all the elements seen in the final version with a few key exceptions. For one thing, the plants and flowers were much more prevalent. This was changed both in acknowledgement of Bimevi’s history, but also because it would have been a pain to try and get such a lush area to look visually appealing (Uru’s transparency issues being the way they are). Another change was in the memorial area. In initial concepts, the area was a simple pair of feathers attached to a rod extended out of the wall. When I began modeling this, however, it became obvious to me that this kind of memorial was too “tribal” for a D’ni, even one as progressive as Neereth.


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