Hollow Earth


So, now that I’ve actually cleared this backlog of posts, I’d like to (slowly) use this area to talk about more general gaming topics. I’ve gotten into backloggery.com, so I might post updates here and/or give impressions of other games here. Notes from the backlog, or something along those lines. Regardless, this is a reboot! Yes, like Tomb Raider, I am going to make a crappy reboot filled with useless open world mechanics, quick-time events, and occasional gruesome death scenes. PRESS E NOT TO GET A POLE IN YOUR THROAT!

This is a reboot in the sense that this blog will likely change. I’m definitely not using it as a soap box for Uru improvements anymore. The ship has sailed and missed its destination. I still think that, at the time, it was salvagable. But there’s really no point in wasting energy on that when I could waste it elsewhere. I still doubt I will update it regularly (the only reason the last few submissions are regular is because I just pasted my drafts in and hit submit!) or even frequently. Mostly just when I feel like it, as I feel like it, etc.

Also, as it should be clear by now, my other blogs are no longer being updated. Cavern Link was nice for an RP, but can’t really be ported to other games. Cuboid World is long outdated and I really don’t have the stamina to maintain a blow-by-blow recount of my Minecraft adventures anyhow. So it’s just this for now, or perhaps I’ll even make a new blog and leave this. I like the title, though. Either way, enjoy the ride!


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