Hollow Earth

2014.09.29 Update

Just a quick heads up, progress has been slow. Lots of other work taking up my time. I did get a chance to look into Tosholek and Fens yesterday, though. Fens is essentially ready as far as I see. I need to write the “Overview” book and fix the Credits book in the new format. The overview book will have descriptions and analyses of all the flora an fauna in the Age. Currently, I’m waiting on sketches to include in this book. Minor bugs remain, but once that’s done, Fens will be PotS complete. As for Tosholek, the bugs persist and there are some elements that I’m not comfortable with that I want to change before I consider it PotS complete. The caustics look too bright and the pedestals need changing, in my opinion.

As it stands, I’m probably going to release these Ages to PotS once they are ready. I wanted to do a synchronized release on both offline and online Uru, but because of formatting changes for journals, the PotS versions will be ready first and it makes little sense to hold them back when the online version still has transfusion problems.

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