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This site is a general area for my opinions on Cyan, Uru, other games, and the occasional forum drama. If you’re looking for my blog, click here.

About Me:

I’ve been playing Myst games for years since Myst came out. I became immersed in the worlds, frustrated by the puzzles, and thrilled by the story. After I finished Exile, I heard of a new Cyan game called “Uru Live”. After checking it out, I was less than thrilled to learn it was in the new form of “real-time 3D”. Well, after being spoiled by the sights in Riven I was hesitant about the game and moved on. There were other games (Civilization 3 still being one of my favorites) and other things in my life I wished to get on to.

Christmas of 2004 or 2005 (memory doesn’t serve me well) I re-discover Uru, now Uru: Complete Chronicles. I download a demo of the game from the old Ubisoft site and play around… and play around… and order Uru: CC (as well as realMYST) that day. After going through the content, I start joining the community and eventually register for a Kagi key for Until Uru. Popping onto as many shards as I felt I could keep up with, somehow managing to avoid all mentions of that period’s drama, as well as making a good number of friends all made that time fly past quickly. I did nearly everything one could back then (aside from make myself look like Marie Sutherland or Zandi).

As D’mala opened and the DRC Liaisons were announced, I joined in the fray and still consider their collapse the greatest failure of both the Uru community and of Cyan. But then Live was re-born and the time had come to see the great dream of UU realized. For one like me, who never saw Prologue, Live captivated me anew as Complete Chronicles had before. And as hope waned toward the end, I defended what I enjoyed. Too hard at times, perhaps. And because of that and many other things, Uru Live died.

I had been interested in Age Creation for a while. Ever since Live had restarted I had ideas and had worked on them with the limited tools available from Almys. As the tools became more refined, simpler, powerful, complete, I moved to them and looked at the many fan ages and realized that many were just as good as Cyan’s ages had been or so very close to it that it didn’t matter. And so I saw a new great dream, like people before had seen the potential for Uru to come alive again. Not simply to re-gain the worlds lost, but to build and to see a new facet of Uru begin.

In mid-2008, I was brought onto the Archiver and Guild of Messenger’s publications to write a number of opinion articles on Uru. I was also brought on as the Archiver’s deputy editor shortly before TCT signed off.

I’m currently working on several of my Ages.


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