Hollow Earth

Ending the Whilyam

Hello, this is a message from your good forum moderator veralun.

Loyal Cyan worshipers may have noticed that Whilyam has been saying some traitorous things about Cyan. Mostly saying that I am not fit to be forum moderator. For this, Whilyam has been veralun’d. DocOlana will take over all of his Age projects and will begin the process of removing those parts inferior to Cyan holiness. OHB will be taking over Whilyam’s avatar in Uru and will use it to relay spam emails received by Cyan. CrisGer will begin his mass extermination process for the good of all.

Thank you


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5 Responses

  1. D'nial says:

    Ack…errggh…hrrrk..grblbp…blehhhhhhhhh *dies of blog theme poisoning*

  2. Tomala says:

    Must you punish us with this theme? O_o

  3. ThedStranger says:

    wow, what’s got into you? :P

  4. oldmanjob says:

    Reading this, and it being April first, I guess I will go back to bed.

  5. OHB says:

    Wish I had seen this earlier!

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